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Corey Hoffstein


Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Newfound Research. Newfound, an SEC registered investment advisor, is a financial technology and product innovation firm enabling rule-based, behavior-driven investment strategies.

Portfolio Manager at Newfound Investments.

Business Interests
Quantitative Investment Strategies, Investment Strategy Development & Incubation, Investor Education Solutions, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship

Newfound Research
Co-Founder, CIO - Boston, MA - 2008-Present

    Pioneered the original research and implementation of Newfound's flagship technology. Responsible for overseeing the Firm’s Product Development and Quantitative Strategies group and the ongoing management of the Firm’s strategies. Also takes an active role in the management of the Firm, directing business development and strategic growth initiatives.

Newfound Investments
Portfolio Manager - 2012-Present


Cornell University - 2009

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science (cum laude)

Carnegie Mellon University - 2011

Master of Science: Computational Finance